Kurt/Blaine, Amnesia!Blaine

Infamous businessman blaine anderson got into an accident (or maybe attempted murder) in a suburb town of lima. He was badly injured and had an amnesia. Kurt thought he was the one who caused blaine’s injury so he tended his injury (not going to hospital, afraid to be arrested). Slowly they fell in love with each other but another accident happen making blaine regain his old memories but forgot his memories with kurt altogether.. So now blaine is back to his girlfriend, quinn fabray. But life gets even more complicated when he feels an attraction to his newly hired employee, kurt hummel.

-orphan kurt and finn
-Kurt bullies blaine by making him his “slave”
-Blaine is like a puppy following kurt but eventually release his potential in business to save the hudmels garage fron bankruptcy
-Finn convinces kurt to deceive blaine by leaving him alone in a secluded area, (kurt did it but came back for blaine)
-Any type of business will suit blaine
-Hudmels are poor and no one in lima knows who blaine is
-Adam or sebastian will befriend kurt and fell in love with him, making blaine really jealous- kurt only see seb or adam gesture no more than as a friend
-Blaine secretly helps kurt with his new position in the company
-One point where blaine pretends to be Blaine anderson to save kurt from the humiliation from his old high school friends

-some smut please
Humor and sexual tension
-andersons are not please with kurt but eventually softens
-andersons are not homophobic ,they are just comgirtable with quinn more
- jealous blaine is always there
-multi chaptered fic

source: http://closetklaine27.tumblr.com/post/62853935021/klaine-prompt-amnesia-blaine-con-kurt

kurt/blaine daddy!blaine fake-daddy!kurt

Blaine uses the pictures he found in the park and lies to his daughter. He keeps on editing the pictures and writing letters to her saying it was from his other father. Now, he will tell the truth after his six year old daughter’s birthday party, but will he be too late if his daughter drag a complete dazed and confused man to him exclaiming “thank you daddy for bringing papa to me, it’s the best birthday gift ever!!”.

- blaine is rich,workaholic, business-minded
- jobless kurt
- kur will eventually make blaine and his daughter to grow "more" closer
- kurt unintentional seduces blaine
- mix with lots of fluff and sexual tension
- eventual smut and lots of humor...
- slight angst
- kurt family and friends will some point pretends to be part of the anderson family
- encouraging anderson parents
-multi-chaptered fic

kurt/blaine, shy!kurt rich!blaine, mpreg, strangers forced marriage

Two complete strangers have accidentally slept together while on a cruise. Both thinking it was their significant others. Blaine, thinking his Soon-to-be fiancé had ridden the cruise with him but bail on the last minute because of a job opportunity abroad. Kurt, after drinking a heavy dosed cough syrup stumbled on the wrong room. What will happen to them after finding out that Kurt is pregnant and that the Anderson is forcing Blaine to marry and take care of Kurt? And what will Sebastian do when he gets back and find that his “now” ex is married? Will this Adam guy make marriage life more complicated to Kurt and Blaine?

- Chandler is Kurt’s boyfriend but is a big playboy jerk and cheated on him even before
- Sebastian workaholic and neglectful boyfriend to blaine
- Anderson family is very doting to Kurt and Blaine’s relationship, excited to have a grandchild
- Blaine will have a hot n’ cold behaviour towards Kurt
- Kurt is a nobody, simple and “invincible”
- Multi-chaptered fic

kurt/blaine, snob&genius!blaine clingy&stupid!kurt, forced to live in together

Kurt Hummel found his courage to confess his love to the most popular, smart, gorgeous and rich boy Blaine Anderson. What will happen if Blaine rejects his confession in front of the entire Dalton Academy? And what will happen if tragedy strikes the Hummels that forced them to live with an old family friend- the Andersons? How will they keep their secret from being spilled? And how will Blaine react if Kurt threatens to reveal his (other) secret if he won’t help him to pass his finals?
- Genius Blaine but asexual (never been attracted to anyone)
- Blaine is also mean and likes to harmlessly bully Kurt
- Kurt is stupid and “daring”
- Supportive Hummel and Anderson
- Mrs. Anderson is bluntly pushing Blaine to Kurt
- multi-chaptereed fic

Klaine Comfort Fic - NYADA Rejection

Kurt had worked so hard all throughout school to get good grades and be a part of everything related to music and drama throughout school. Everything in Kurt’s life had been geared towards college- New York and, more recently, NYADA. He had felt so good after his audition with Carmen Tibideaux and he had been sure his dreams were about to come true. But Rachel, as always, had stolen the spotlight- traced Carmen down and somehow convinced her that Rachel Berry was as big of a star as she thought herself. And now Kurt was left with a letter telling him he had no future, no backup plan. He began to see his nineteenth year as a barista, going nowhere. Maybe he should learn about tires and take over his father’s tire shop. He cringed at the thought. Alone in his room, he hadn’t allowed his father, Carol or Finn in, Kurt let one tear fall. He could not believe it had come to this.
Kurt looked up when he heard his door lock click open, sure he had locked it.
“Dad, go away!” he meant to shout, though it ended up sounding more like a whisper. Because Kurt didn’t see his father walking in, but Blaine.
“Blaine, please” Kurt said, sounding more broken than he had intended, “you don’t have to be here”.
“Kurt, really” Blaine said, as if he were exactly where he needed to be, “Come here”. And even though Kurt had promised he wouldn’t cry, and even though there was nothing Blaine could do about any of it, and despite the fact that he never wanted Blaine to see him in this state, Kurt moved over so Blaine could lie down in his bed, and instantly had his head on Blaine’s chest. Blaine, who seemed to always know what to do, just wrapped his arms around Kurt as he sobbed.
“I mean what’s the point. If I can’t do this, there’s no way I’ll make it on Broadway. If I can’t get into SCHOOL for this, how am I ever going to DO it. Maybe I should just work for Dad. Maybe I should give up and go to Ohio State, make friends, teach because I obviously can’t do and you know what they say. Maybe I’m really not destined to do anything great. Did my audition really suck that much? Is my resume so much worse than Rachel Berry’s? What could I have done differently?” by then, Kurt was openly weeping and choking back sobs. His tears must have been staining Blaine’s beautiful royal blue sweater, but Blaine- ever the trooper- just held him while he went on and on.
“Kurt” Blaine said finally, holding his boyfriend to his chest and rocking slightly, “You can do anything, and Carmen is an idiot. I don’t care who she is or who she knows. You were far superior to a one Miss Rachel Berry and you looked far more attractive, in my only slightly biased opinion”.
Kurt just continued to shake with tears and Blaine tightened his grip around Kurt’s shoulders. Blaine kissed Kurt’s forehead and stroked his arm, and they stayed there without speaking for an inconceivable period of time. It could have been minutes or hours, Kurt couldn’t tell. He just felt the anger been pulled out of him. He couldn’t place why. He lifted his head to look up at his boyfriend.
Blaine smiled at Kurt slightly shyly and Kurt was overcome by a feeling of overwhelming love and gratitude. He knew he was still upset over NYADA, it had been his dream for so long, but he was lucky to have Blaine and maybe another year home with him. He was lucky that they’d take on college, or whatever their future plans were, together.
“Thank you, Blaine” Kurt said in a small voice, “I’m so sorry you had to see me like this. I’m sorry”.
“This is never something you apologize for” Blaine said, “stop apologizing”.
“Well then thank you, for being the best boyfriend in the world”.
“That I don’t mind” Blaine smirked and kissed Kurt’s teary cheeks before leaning in to kiss him for real.
“It’s late, you can really go. I’ll be fine now” Kurt told Blaine, secretly hoping he’d stay a bit longer.
“Kurt, you won’t go to sleep. So I’ll stay. We can talk about…baseball and boys you like. High-low skirts and rompers. What color goes best with my eyes?” Blaine said, very off-handedly but in a way that made Kurt realize he had actually paid attention to all sorts of off-handed comments Kurt had made recently.
“You know,” Kurt said, “there’s usually a way to say something and a way to show it. I love you, too”. 

Anything for you - Chapter 1

Title: Anything for you
Chapter: 1
Fandom: Glee
Pairing: Santana/Brittany
Disclaimer: I don't own Glee.
Summary: After a Glee Club reunion, Brittany tells Santana she wants a child. Santana would never be able to be say no to Brittany.

“San,” Brittany said excitedly, even though she was thirty one now. “Look, that’s McKinley.”
“Yeah, it is.” Santana said quietly. The entire Glee Club had realised that they would all be back in Lima at the same time, and they decided to make a reunion out of it.

Collapse )

The blonde, and the slightly shorter brunette left the car, and walked down the very familiar halls, and Santana couldn’t believe that in twelve years, nothing had changed. They entered the choir room, and saw most of the club were there already.
“Santana!” Rachel called out, running over to her. “LA has not changed you at all.”
“Britt,” Kurt smiled, hugging the blonde woman. “How are you good?”
“Good.” Brittany beamed.
Everyone in the club met, and introduced all of their children. Santana was wondering how in the hell, she and Brittany were the only ones who didn’t have at least one child, even though no one expected anything less of them. They were both successful, and had a huge house in LA, why did they need kids. Brittany had Kurt and Blaine’s daughter on her lap, and was play with the small girl, and Santana couldn’t help but smile at how comfortable Brittany was with her.
“Santana,” Rachel snapped the girl out of her daze, realising she was looking at Brittany. “Britt or my niece?”
“Britt,” Santana said quickly. “Why?”
“Have you ever even though about kids,” Rachel asked. “I mean, you are financially stable enough for them.”
“Look Berry,” Santana responded. “Just because Britt and I are women doesn’t mean we want a million Rugrats running around our place.”
“Not even one.” Rachel asked.
“No Berry.” Santana responded.
That night, they got back to Santana’s mums place, and Brittany did her usual thing of cuddling up next to Santana.
“San,” Brittany raised her head. “Do you ever want a baby?”
“Why?” Santana asked.
“I don’t know,” Brittany said quickly. “I mean, they’re cute, and the baby would be ours.”
“Yeah, ours to be a burden for next-” Santana stopped when she saw Brittany’s face drop. “You really want this Bee.”
Brittany just nodded as Santana sighed loudly. There was no way she could ever say no to Brittany, ever.
“Think about it,” Brittany responded. “Until we go back home.”
“Okay,” Santana smiled, kissing Brittany. “You have a deal.”
Santana knew the answer though. She would do anything to make Brittany happy, and if having kids was it, that wouldn’t stop Santana.

You are my sunshine

Not sure if this has been done before, but I just had an idea for faberry, based around the song "You Are My Sunshine" like the lifespan of the two. Maybe Rach first heard her singing it to Beth, then they went on a date and heard it and it was played at their wedding and it kind of just become their song? And like Quinn is blonde, so plenty of jokes and references to that too...
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Gleeverse Pimping!

Howdy ya'll! I'm just here to tell ya'll about gleeverse

I seriously love this comm & totally suggest it if you wanna make a lot of awesome friends! You can either join Team Teachers, Cherrios, or New Directions (Which is my team!) and then compete in different challenges for points. It's a lot of fun & I find myself looking forward to each challenge! Just make sure you say that mello_bello_91 sent you! :)